About Eventsoft

Eventsoft is a software development company committed to creating powerful and easy to use software for running BMX events from end to end. Our flagship product Sqorz utilises the latest technology, integrating with Smartphones to bring exciting new features to event organisers, riders and spectators.

MyLaps Equipment

Founded in 1982 MyLaps offers the world’s most reliable and accurate timing and data systems in the industry.

MyLaps invented automatic sports timing, their solutions have been developed to suit professional timers, event organisers, clubs and individual athletes. 

MyLaps is committed to supporting the Australian BMX community and has teamed with Eventsoft to produce a special offer for BMX clubs with huge savings on prices.

Sqorz Software

Sqorz software has been designed to simplify the process of running BMX events.

A unique workflow neatly steps through all the stages required to run an event from entry to publishing results.

Using up to date software and continuously upgrading when new technology becomes available means Sqorz will always have the latest features. Sqorz will be just as current in 10 years time as it is today.