Equipment to run a race from end to end

MyLaps Decoder

Receives signals from the transponder and from the Start Pulse Box.

Sends the time and transponder number to the scoring software.

GPS units are required if using 2 or more decoders.

MyLaps Transponders

Used in all electronically timed events in Australia.

1, 2, or 5 year subscriptions available.

Lifetime warranty with free replacement as long as the subscription is valid.

Strong, durable, waterproof.

MyLaps Coax Cable

Connects the detection loop to the decoder.

High quality cable reduces interference

Max distance between the loop and the decoder is 100m


MyLaps Detection Loop

Detection loops are installed in the track at the bottom of the hill and at the finish line.

Extra loops can be installed in the track for intermediate timing.

BNC 2-1 connector

Required to connect 2 detection loops to one decoder

Two female to single male connector

Start Pulse Box

Passes a pulse from the gate drops to the decoder where it is given a unique identifier.

NOTE: Different Start Pulse Boxes are required depending on the Start Box (SmartStart, Pro Gate)

Garmin GPS

Necessary to syncronise the times on two or more decoders.

Highly accurate precise timing measurements.

One GPS unit per decoder is required.


Test Loop

Required for the transponder checking station.

Can be used for automatic entry and registration of riders when used with Sqorz software.

Barcode scanner

Reads BMXA licence barcodes from mobile devices

Sharp and highly visible scan line

Snappy reading performance